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About Us

Welcome to the home of Tynies! We’re so glad you came to visit. There’s plenty to see and do in Mini-opolis and I’m certain you’ll want to stay for a long time…so make yourself comfortable! I think you’ll find that Mini-opolis is exactly like your town…only a bit tynier. We have a butcher (Bos the Rhino), a baker (Pep the Chick), and a candlestick maker. Ok, well we don’t actually have a candlestick maker…that’s just the saying or the rhyme…either way, we don’t have one. Another thing we don’t have is a basketball team. We just can’t get a decent team together, even though I can jump pretty high; the mayor can’t really play on the team. Oh, geez, I’ve wandered off the point… back to my greeting!

Our town motto is “Good things come in small packages!” and, after spending some time here, I think you’ll agree. Our tree is the Redwood and Big Bird is the Mini-opolis mascot. Our national anthem is “Yellow Submarine.” I’m not sure why…but we put it up to a vote and it was a landslide!
Now to the most important part…the Tynies behind Mini-opolis. Each Tynie is a valuable part of the Mini-opolis community. From the very smallest of the small to the largest of the little, each of us Tynies chips in…for instance, just the other day we had a town meeting about decorating the village square for the upcoming holidays and Sam the Toucan suggested we use multi-colored lights this year instead of all blue lights and, well, truth be told I thought it was an excellent idea! Sid the Hedgehog suggested a beautification program for Mini-opolis. Being the town gardener, he has a lot of expertise in that category. And our garbage collector, Ono the Raccoon, just started a city-wide recycling program. Everyone contributes and we all try to work together as a team for the betterment of Mini-opolis.

Please check back regularly for updates on what’s new and what’s happening with the citizens of Mini-opolis.
We welcome visitors!


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